Here are some tips so you can get the best photos and ensure the day runs smoothly.

This is a great time to capture the atmosphere and pre wedding vibes before kick off. There are also so many really intimate moments that can come from this part of the day. Sometimes gifts or cards are exchanged, invitations or other significant or sentimental details can be photographed. It’s best not to be dressed and ready by the time I arrive as helping one another with this can make for nice photos too, but make sure hair and make up is all done or near completion by this stage. Once you are dressed and ready doing a “reveal” to your family and friends can be also be an nice moment for capturing their reaction.

I always encourage couples to make an announcement before the ceremony commences to have all their guests put away their phones and cameras and to be present during the ceremony. This means as you walk down the aisle you will see smiling faces as opposed to a sea of electronic devices. During the ceremony I also scan the audience to see your guests reactions to what is taking place and the last thing you want is people hiding behind devices. During key parts of the day, I believe it is important to have your guests present in the moment and to witness the event with their eyes and let the professional hide behind the camera to capture the magic.

Usually after the ceremony I will scout a nice spot to take formal family photos. Who you classify or want to include for these photos is entirely up to you, it could just be mum and dad and siblings or have extended family. You could put together a list and give it to a close friend or family member to coordinate so you don’t miss anyone out or simply remember who you want and keep it simple. Remember, the smaller the group, means it will be visually better.

This is the time, usually an hour before the sun sets, where the sun is low in the sky and the light is soft and flattering. Ideally this is the best time to take wedding portraits, but if this doesn’t coincide with your run sheet, try to allocate even 15 minutes of time for this part of the day, it will totally be worth it!

Everything revolves around the ceremony time. Allowing travel time between locations, work backwards from the ceremony start time allow one hour for getting ready photos with the bride, then one hour for getting photos with the groom and that should give you my start time for photos. In terms of finish time, it really depends on how much of the night you want captured, usually I stay until all the formalities are captured, that will then give you a finish time. If the ceremony and reception are at the same venue, usually 8 hours will cover the whole day, if the ceremony location and reception are split then more time is needed as the day tends to be longer in duration.

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